On 3 May 2011, the Paris Court of Appeal dismissed the claims of copyright infringement brought by the Syndicat National de l’Edition Phonographique (SNEP- trade association of the French recording industry) against Google. Since 2008, the search engine is proposing a service, Google Suggest, which guesses and suggests a list of keywords in real time…

As a follow up to my previous post on the Google decisions, I am presenting a recent report issued by two senators (Mr. Laurent Béteille and Mr. Richard Yung) on the application of the anti-counterfeiting law (loi n. 2007-1544 of 29 October 2007 de lutte contre la contrefaçon). The report contains 18 recommendations aimed at…

In this decision the Court of Cassation confirmed that Dailymotion was an online intermediary provider, who did not intervene in the content and choice of videos posted by users on its platform. In addition, the commercial exploitation of the website through the sale of advertising spaces did not induce that Dailymotion could intervene on the…

In four recent decisions (respectively relating to the movies “le génocide arménien”; “l’affaire Clearstream”; “les dissimulateurs” and “Mondovino”), the Paris Court of Appeal held Google liable for copyright infringement. The facts of the different cases are similar: an Internet user had placed an unauthorized copy of a movie on Google Video. Following the procedure set…

HADOPI, cultural goods and Internet use: The French users’ practices and perceptions (“Hadopi, biens culturels et usages d’Internet: pratiques et perceptions des internautes français”), presented on 23 January 2011 at the MIDEM (Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale- International Market for Records and Musical Edition): http://www.hadopi.fr/download/hadopiT0.pdf

Press releases:
Etude de la HADOPI sur le téléchargement: des chiffres providentiels, ZDNet.fr

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Selon une étude de l’HADOPI, 49% des internautes ont eu recours “au moins une fois à un usage illicite de biens culturels”, Le Monde.fr, Blogs