Copyright case: Stross v. Redfin Corp., USA

Kluwer Copyright Blog
April 16, 2018

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Whether the online real estate brokerage Redfin exceeded its license to use Alexander Stross’s copyrighted property photographs raised a question of fact for the jury, a panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals determined, reversing the federal district court in Austin’s decision that Redfin’s license was a complete defense to Stross’s claim of copyright infringement. The Eighth Circuit panel also reversed the district court’s finding that because Stross was not a party to the licensing agreement between Redfin and a multi-listing service, he had no standing to pursue his copyright claims (Stross v. Redfin Corp., April 9, 2018, per curiam).

Case date: 09 April 2018
Case number: No. 17-50046
Court: United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit

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