Call for research proposals: Right to Research in International Copyright Law

Kluwer Copyright Blog
April 7, 2021

Please refer to this post as: , ‘Call for research proposals: Right to Research in International Copyright Law’, Kluwer Copyright Blog, April 7 2021,

The Academic Network on the Right to Research in International Copyright is calling for research relevant to the development of global norms on copyright policy in its application to research. Text and data mining research, for example, is contributing insights to respond to urgent social problems, from combatting COVID to monitoring hate speech and disinformation on social media. Other technologies make it possible to access the materials of libraries, archives and museums from afar – an especially necessary activity during the COVID pandemic. But these and other research activities may require reproduction and sharing of copyright protected works, including across borders. There is a lack of global norms for such activities, which may contribute to uncertainty and apprehension, inhibiting research projects and collaborations.

We seek to partner with researchers interested in exploring the means and ends of recognizing a “right to research” in international copyright law.

Accepted proposals will be included within a 3-year project that is linking academic research to the work of a global civil society coalition working on policy reform. Through this project, researchers will receive sustained opportunities for collaboration and presentation, publication, an honorarium and possibility of coverage of some ancillary costs.

More on the call and a link to the application is at

Submissions by May 15, 2021.