Although the actual founding of the Institute for Information Law is shrouded in myth and mystery, in 2014 it will be 25 years ago that IViR was officially established as a research centre at the University of Amsterdam. IViR’s 25th birthday will be celebrated next year in Amsterdam from 2 to 4 July, with a major international conference on the myriad challenges facing information law today: Information Influx.

When IViR was set up a quarter of a century ago, the digital transition was only just underway. Since then, our societies have been undergoing enormous changes in the modes of expression, organization and (re)use of information. Traditional roles of producers, intermediaries, users and governments blur and are recast. Information is the central building block of market economies. New ways of creating, disseminating, controlling and using information impact the workings of democracy, of science and education, of creativity and culture. Information Influx will bridge disciplines, regions and institutional perspectives to confront the major challenges of developing the rules that govern the expression, organization and re(use) of information in our society .

Join us in beautiful Amsterdam for a great programme of presentations, round tables, public discussions and art events, featuring world renowned academics and major players from industry, policymaking and civil society. Young and aspiring scholars are expressly invited to compete for the Information Influx Young Scholars Award (deadline for abstracts: January 15, 2014).


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